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MAPARON 7-piece set sun run device 5-piece anal ball with rod manual type

MAPARON 7-piece set sun run device 5-piece anal ball with rod manual type

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Product specifications: Sun run device: The tip diameter is approximately 4.3cm, the maximum diameter is approximately 6.8cm, and the total length is approximately 20.3cm. Stick: Total length is approximately 26.7cm. Anal ball: The maximum diameter is 2.8cm and the total length is approximately 3.6cm. Weight is approximately 22g. A total of 7 items, 1 sunrun device + 1 rod + 5 anal balls (random color). *Please be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Special design: A hollow design is used on the demon world flower to make it into a sun lantern. The tip is thin and has a small diameter, making it easier to insert, and at the same time, the egg does not easily fall out from the tip and is pushed out tightly, giving you a sensation of stimulation like never before. Also, although it is called a sun-run device, it would be more appropriate to use a sun-run device in which the eggs are implanted rather than a sun-run device where the eggs are ejected from the inside. The special design not only allows you to experience the pleasure of being implanted with an egg, but also gives you an indescribable feeling of excitement as you see an extraordinary scene.

Differences with the inflatable type: 1. If you put the egg in from the bottom instead of the tip and then push it in from the bottom with a stick, or if you push in more than a few points, the egg will be pushed out. It is easy to operate and at the same time provides a novel usage experience by adjusting the force. 2.In addition to using the eggs in the set, you can also use eggs from related products to satisfy a variety of needs. (Please check the product diagram for details.) 3. Eggs can be used in combination with a sun run device, or can be used alone. Another way to use it is to insert the entire penis into the anus or vagina and then expel the balls through internal contractions.

High-quality material: Made of high-quality liquid silicone material, it is not only soft and won't damage the inside, but the surface is non-sticky and smooth to the touch, making it comfortable to use. Eggs will not break even when ejected or pushed in, and can be used for a long time without any problems. In addition, the tip of the stick has a round bead and is long enough to easily push the egg out.

Note: 1. For first-time users, there may be some scratches that cannot be removed, so we recommend placing the egg in a sun-run device and inserting it inside with the rubber still attached. 2.If you are a beginner and don't want to use rubber, how about using gelatin eggs? 3. Before using, please check whether the egg can be pushed out with a stick.
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