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TaRiss's 5 Piece Set Hollow Urethral Beads with Penis Ring Pulsable Urethral Torture Penis Stimulation Stainless Steel Silicone for Advanced Users 10mm and 12mm

TaRiss's 5 Piece Set Hollow Urethral Beads with Penis Ring Pulsable Urethral Torture Penis Stimulation Stainless Steel Silicone for Advanced Users 10mm and 12mm

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[Size]: Urethral beads: The diameter is approximately 10mm and 12mm, the insertable length is approximately 178mm, and the length of the handle is approximately 40mm. Penis ring: The diameter of the ring can be adjusted by removing the middle metal part and cutting the silicone part, making it suitable for any person. The set includes 2 urethral beads (10mm and 12mm) + 1 penis ring + 1 controller + 1 electric wire, a total of 5 items. *Please be sure to check the size of the urethral beads before purchasing.

[Special design]: The tip is a round bead that can be inserted into the urethra without damaging it, and at the same time, it is the thickest part, and when inserted, it is strongly expanded from the urethral opening to the inside, giving you an irresistible pleasure ~ All parts except the tip are thin Since it is rod-shaped, it not only puts less stress on the inside, but also provides a different feeling of insertion. In addition, the hollow type allows you to breathe and breathe normally while wearing it, bringing you a whole new experience of use.

[Pulsable]: When you connect the penis ring and urethral plug to the controller with an electric wire and start it up, you will feel a tingling numbness from the pulses from inside and outside, and you can enjoy the exquisite pleasure that makes you convulse. In addition to adjusting the intensity, it also has 4 different pulse modes, so you can switch depending on your situation and preference and find the mode that will make you climax.

[High-quality materials]: The insertable part of the urethral plug is made of stainless steel, and can be cleaned by soaking it directly in hot water, which is very convenient. Metal is thermally conductive, so if you soak the penis ring and urethral plug in hot water or ice, you will receive stimulation and pulses from different thermal sensations at the same time, giving you unimaginable pleasure. In addition, the penis ring is made of silicone material, which is soft and safe to use without damaging the penis.

[Note]: 1. Please be sure to check your own situation and confirm whether it is applicable before purchasing. 2. Please note that a closed circuit is required when using this product, so you will not be able to feel the pulse unless you use it with a penis ring. 3. When using for the first time, please be sure to use the weakest power. 4. Since there are individual differences, some people may experience pain or discomfort when using it, so please stop immediately if you feel discomfort. 5. If you use it with your partner, be sure to get their consent before using it again.

Product specifications:
Set contents: 2 urethral beads (10mm and 12mm) + 1 penis ring + 1 controller + 1 electric wire Size: Please see the product diagram for details. Material: Stainless steel + silicone + ABS

Controller: You can use the controller after inserting 2 AAA batteries. Please note that batteries are not included when shipped. Skin-friendly: The surface of the plug is smooth with no burrs, giving a smooth insertion feeling, and at the same time being gentle on the skin.

Can be used by two people at the same time: The remote control has two jacks, so two people can use it at the same time, making it suitable for those who want to climax together with their lover.

how to use:
1. Please clean the product thoroughly before use.

2. When using, connect the wire to the urethral plug and penis ring, then connect it to the jack on the controller.

3. While not standing, attach the penis ring to your penis.

4. Apply plenty of lotion to the urethral plug and slowly insert it.

5. Press and hold the power button on the controller for about 3 seconds, and the indicator light will start blinking. There are buttons for various modes at the bottom, and you can switch modes according to your preference. If you want to stop, press and hold the wire button for about 3 seconds to stop.

Notes: 1. This is an electric shock component, so please use it only in a dry environment.
2. If you are unable to insert it, please do not force yourself to do so. 3. Do not crack the surface with sharp objects.

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