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TaRiss's Electric Nipple Clip Clip Type Pulse Possible Nipple Torture 7 Step Vibration Mode and 3 Step Pulse Mode ABS Silicone Pink

TaRiss's Electric Nipple Clip Clip Type Pulse Possible Nipple Torture 7 Step Vibration Mode and 3 Step Pulse Mode ABS Silicone Pink

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Product specifications: Nipple clip: Width is approximately 15mm, length is approximately 53mm, and height is approximately 18mm. Controller: The length is approximately 67mm and the width is approximately 25mm. Please be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Special design: It is a clip type, so there is no need to screw it in place, and you can clip the nipple directly like a regular clip, making it easy to use. Unlike older products, the rotor is not attached to the clip, but is built into the clip, so when you turn it on, the clip can vibrate, and you don't have to worry about the vibrations not being transmitted, and you can feel a tingling sensation all over your body. I'm running around. In addition to being used as a nipple vibrator, it can also be used to stimulate areas such as the clitoris, vagina, and anus, and has a variety of uses.

Pulse possible: If you press the second button in standby mode, a pulse will be generated and an indescribable numbing pleasure will come from deep inside, bringing you a transcendental experience. In addition, it has 7-stage vibration mode and 3-stage pulse mode, so not only can you switch modes freely, but you can also enjoy the stimulation of the pulse while vibrating, so you'll never get tired of playing with it. *Please note that a closed circuit is required, so you will not be able to feel the pulse unless both nipples are firmly in contact with the metal in the clip.

USB charging: No need to replace batteries, once fully charged, you can easily use it anytime, anywhere, very convenient. After charging for more than 2 hours, it can be used continuously for 1 hour.

High-quality material: The clip is made of high-quality ABS material, so the surface is smooth and free of burrs, so you can use it with confidence without damaging your skin. What's more, there is no strange odor at all, so you won't feel uncomfortable while using it.

how to use:
1. Please clean it thoroughly before use.
2.Pinch the nipple with the nipple clip.
3. Press the power button on the controller and it will go into standby mode, at which time the lamp will light up.
4. Press the 2nd and 3rd buttons to turn on the vibration/pulse. Press it again to switch modes.
5. If you want to stop, press the power button to turn it off.
6. Please keep it in a clean and dry place after use.

1.Before purchasing, please be sure to check your own situation and confirm whether it is applicable.
2. This is an electric shock component, so please use it only in a dry environment.
3. Since there are individual differences, some people may experience pain or discomfort when using it, so please stop immediately if you feel discomfort. 4. If you use it with your partner, be sure to get their consent before using it again.
5. Do not crack the surface with sharp objects.
6. After use, avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry place to ensure long-term use.
7. Please do not sterilize by boiling.

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