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TaRiss's Urethral Bougie Urethral Plug Non-Penetrating Urethral Torture Urethral Dilator Bamboo Knot Silicone

TaRiss's Urethral Bougie Urethral Plug Non-Penetrating Urethral Torture Urethral Dilator Bamboo Knot Silicone

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"Product specifications": The total length is approximately 210 mm, the maximum diameter is approximately 4 mm, and the diameter of the handle is approximately 15 mm. Weight is approximately 6g. Available in three colors: black, pink, and purple, so you can choose the one you like. *This is not sold as a set, so please check the product specifications before purchasing.

"Special design": The tip is thin, making it easier to insert, and at the same time, there are connection marks left on the surface, so those protrusions increase the feeling of friction inward, creating an indescribable stimulation sensation from deep inside. Masu. The insertable part has unevenness like bamboo knots, so when you insert it, you not only get a different feeling of insertion, but it also strongly stimulates your insides, giving you a super pleasure.

``Handle'': The handle is wide enough so that it can be swallowed securely and is waterproof, and it also allows you to hold the handle to insert and remove the urethral plug without touching the insertable part, making it easy to clean. The feel is also outstanding. What's more, there is a hole in the middle of the handle, so you can bend the plug and pass the tip through the hole to store it, which is very convenient.

"Silicone material": Made of high quality silicone material, it is soft and bends depending on the penis situation, reducing the pain caused by movement, giving you a sense of security! In addition, there is no strange odor and does not cause any discomfort during use.

"Note": 1. Please check the situation and size yourself before purchasing. 2. Please clean the product thoroughly before use. 3. When using it, it is recommended to apply plenty of lotion. 4. If you cannot insert it, please do not force yourself to do so. 5. If you wish to use it on someone else, please obtain their consent before using it. 6. If you feel strong discomfort during use, please stop immediately.

how to use

1. Please clean with alcohol before use. 2. When using it, it is best to apply lotion liberally to the urethral opening and urethral plug, and then insert it slowly. (Due to individual differences, please do not force it if you cannot insert it.) 3. After use, wash thoroughly and store in a place free from moisture and dust.

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