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TaRiss's Ketos Fisting Gloves for Fisting Hollow Type with Concave and Convex Tentacles Liquid Silicone

TaRiss's Ketos Fisting Gloves for Fisting Hollow Type with Concave and Convex Tentacles Liquid Silicone

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Product specifications: The inner diameter of the tip is approximately 3.3cm, the inner diameter of the rear end is approximately 5.5cm, the maximum outer diameter is approximately 8cm, and the total length is approximately 20cm. Weight is approximately 229g. There are two colors, black and red, so you can choose your favorite color. This product is intended for fisting play, so please be sure to check the product specifications before purchasing.

Special design: With an octopus tentacle motif, the design reproduces the thick tentacles and suction cups on the surface, which not only provides sufficient visual stimulation and creates an indescribable feeling of excitement, but also when used. The unevenness is so strong that it stimulates your insides, and it feels so good that your head goes blank. Also, unlike older products, the hands are not completely covered like gloves, but are hollow, leaving many parts of the fist exposed even when worn, giving a feeling of expansion and stimulation from the fist. At the same time, you can also experience the stimulation of the unevenness, so it is recommended for those who are looking for a stronger pleasure than usual fist play.

How to use: 1. First, wash your hands or put on gloves. 2. Apply lotion to your hands and gloves. 3. Pass your hand through the hole at the rear end. 4. Put the ring on the tip through your finger to complete the installation.

Multiple uses: 1. There is another hole at the rear end, so you can use it as a vibrating fisting glove by attaching the rotor to the hole. 2. Not only can it be used for anal fisting, but you can also put the glove on your hand to rub and stimulate your body for a different pleasure. 3. It can be used by attaching it to an anal plug, so it can satisfy various needs. Masu.

High-quality material: Made of high-quality liquid silicone, it is soft and won't damage the inside, but it also has a certain degree of hardness and provides a firm friction feeling. What's more, there is no strange odor, so you can feel safe!

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