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MAPARON 120Maxl300sII 8-piece set electric piston machine electric machine

MAPARON 120Maxl300sII 8-piece set electric piston machine electric machine

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  • [Product specifications]: Body: Length about 24 cm, base length about 36.5 cm, width about 15 cm. Attachments: 4.3cmx18.5cm, 3.9cmx19.4cm, 3cmx17.7cm, 3.2cmx18.7cm. The length of the extension rod is about 24.7cm and 23.7cm. The total weight is about 3kg. Set contents: 1 main unit + 4 attachments + 2 extension rods + 1 power cord, a total of 8 pieces. *Please note that the types and number of attachments have changed compared to the old set.
  • [Powerful motor]: The built-in powerful motor not only allows you to put it in and out smoothly without any uneven movement when using it, but also has an average speed of about 300 times/minute and a telescopic distance of about 5 cm. Experience excitement like never before. It is not stepless, but the speed can be adjusted with a controller, so not only can you feel the stimulation of different speeds, but you don't have to worry about being hurt by being too fast, so even beginners are welcome. In addition, when the nut in the middle is turned and loosened, the angle of the piston machine can be adjusted up to 120°, allowing for various postures.
  • [With 4 attachments]: There are 4 attachments that are different in size and shape, so you can choose and use your favorite attachment, and at the same time, you can enjoy all 4 types of stimulation without getting bored. In addition, there is an attachment that has a bone in it that can be bent according to your posture and can stimulate the erogenous zone to a pinpoint point, and it feels good to have a tingling sensation running through your whole body. Please note that if the attachment is too heavy, the joint of the piston machine may break unbearably during operation.
  • [Extension Rod]: The extension rod comes in two specifications, non-bendable and bendable, making it more convenient to use with less restrictions on where you can use it. What's more, normally you can put it in and out back and forth, but if you bend the extension rod and connect the attachment, you can stir the inside from the left and right, bringing you an unimaginable experience and leading you to a new world.
  • [About suction cups]: There are four suction cups on the bottom that can be firmly fixed to the glass, but it may not be fixed well to the floor or other surface, so if you put your feet on top and use it, it will shake. less. What's more, when the suction cup is not in use, it can be folded and stored on the base to save space.
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