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MAPARON eigHteen electric piston machine 4-piece set with attachments 18 types of telescoping modes Assembly type

MAPARON eigHteen electric piston machine 4-piece set with attachments 18 types of telescoping modes Assembly type

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  • [Product specification]: 1 point of main body+1 point+1 remote control+1 power cape, 1 point, total of 4 points. Body (after assembly): The length is about 35.5cm, the width is about 19.5cm and the height is about 31cm. Attachment: The total length is about 17cm and the diameter is about 3.5cm. * Since it will be shipped without assembly, please understand in advance.please note:Please note that it is applied only to attachments in the set.
  • [Speed ​​about 36-300 times/minutes/extension distance is about 5cm, aluminum alloy material]: Since the whole is adopted an aluminum alloy material, it has sufficient weight unlike ABS, hard to break and durable. The luxury is full! When working, the speed is about 36 to 300 times/minutes, and the expansion and contract distance is about 5 cm, so you can not only feel the irritation that you can not experience with ordinary products, but also adjust the speed freely and are satisfied with various needs. can. Also, when you turn the lever, you can adjust the angle and respond to many postures.
  • [Super quiet, with remote control]: Even if you adjust to the fastest speed, you can use it for those who have almost no noise and live with your family. Since the remote control is attached, if you turn on the product, you can adjust the speed, mode, etc. with the remote control, making it more convenient to use. Moreover, remote control can be performed within 15 meters, so you can experience various plays as well as one person, as well as partners.
  • [18 kinds extension mode]: Because it has 18 kinds of elasticity mode, not just a piston, you can enjoy a different irritation, and you are very satisfied with all 18 kinds of stimuli without getting tired. If you switch mode, you will not be able to adjust the speed, so be sure to check if you can apply it to yourself before using it.
  • [About sucker ・ Assembly type ・ Convenient storage]: There are four powerful sucker at the bottom, can be fixed firmly by pressing on a smooth surface, and even if you adjust to the fastest speed, it will not shake, and there is plenty of feeling. ! With the assembled design, if the sucker is turned to the bottom, it is not only very easy to assemble and operate, but also for storage.
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