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MAPARON 180HALFMaxl230s 8-piece set electric piston machine

MAPARON 180HALFMaxl230s 8-piece set electric piston machine

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[Product specification]: 1 point of body+4 points+extension bar 2 points+1 power cape, 1 point, total 8 points set. Body: Approximately 24cm in length, about 12cm in height, about 37cm in width, about 15cm wide. Attachment: 4cmx15cm, 3cmx20cm, 5.2cmx27cm, 3cmx17.5cm. The length of the extension rod is about 24.7cm and 23.7cm.

[Powerful motor]: When operating, the speed to put in is about 24 to 230 times/min, the extension distance is about 5.5 to 6cm, but the controller is attached and the speed can be adjusted freely. We can respond widely to a wide range. If you turn the nut in the middle, the angle can be adjusted to 180 °, which can be used for various positions and is very convenient. In addition, it is applied to those who have a low noise that are running and have no people who are noticed by others. Compared to the old electric machine, the speed of the piston is a little slower, but it is powerful enough, it can be a powerful piston, giving a different irritation.

[Extension rod]: The extension rod can be bent and can be bent, there are two specifications, less restrictions on the use location, making it more convenient. Moreover, in the case of normal, you can put it in and out of it, but if you bend the extension rod and then connect the attachment, you can stir from the left and right to the inside, leading to a new world with an unimaginable experience.

[With four attachments]: There are four types of attachments, such as anal beads, as well as the attachments that realistically reproduced the tip like a real thing, so there is no need to purchase another attachment, and various pleasure has various pleasure. I am very happy to have fun. In addition, there are unevenness such as floating and round warts on the surface, and a sense of irritation that can be frustrated firmly runs around the whole body.

[Angle adjustable]: Unlike the old electric machine, the adjustable width is large, and when the nut is turned and it is loosened, it can be adjusted to 180 °. You can do it and you can satisfy various positions.

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