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TaRiss's 5-piece set of anal beads with 5 beads, can be used alone or in combination, silicone black 3cm 4cm

TaRiss's 5-piece set of anal beads with 5 beads, can be used alone or in combination, silicone black 3cm 4cm

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Product specifications: Beads: diameter is approximately 3cm and 4cm. There are two specifications: 5 pieces of 3cm beads and 5 pieces of 4cm beads. Can be used in combination with related products or on its own.

Can be combined: Unlike other products, there is a recess in the middle of the beads, and if you fit the recess into the anal ring, you can attach the beads to the anal ring, so you can adjust the number of beads, the diameter of the beads, the order of the beads, etc. can be adjusted freely. Not only can you combine your favorite anal beads, but you can also experience the stimulation of various combinations and satisfy your various needs. *Not applicable to all anal rings, so please be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Can be used as a single item: The beads themselves can be used as anal eggs to enjoy sun lamp play. Moreover, since the beads themselves have dents, you will feel a different stimulation when inserting them. *Please note that we do not recommend it for beginners when using it as an anal egg.

High-quality material: Made of high-quality silicone material, it is softer than metal and will not damage the inside, but at the same time has a certain degree of hardness, giving you a sufficient sense of expansion. The whole body is waterproof, making cleaning very convenient.

Note: 1. For first-time users, there are some scratches that cannot be removed, so we recommend placing the beads in the rubber and inserting the beads inside while grasping the opening. 2. Be sure to use only one piece when using it for the first time, as it may not come off. 3.Before use, please make sure that it is applicable to you.

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