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TaRiss's 2 Piece Set Dice Anal Pease Anal Balls

TaRiss's 2 Piece Set Dice Anal Pease Anal Balls

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Product specifications: The maximum diameter is 4.5 cm, and the total length is about 4.5 cm. It weighs about 80g. A total of 2 pieces, 1 normal version and 1 Talis engraving version. *Because it is not egg-shaped, it may not come out well, so please be sure to check the size and shape before purchasing.

Differences from other products: 1. Because it is made like a dice instead of an egg, it gives a different feeling of insertion, and at the same time, the four corners are rounded, so it does not hurt the inside and is gentle on the skin when used. . 2. The diameter is 4.5 cm, which is thicker than other products, and it not only expands, but also has a larger presence inside, giving you an indescribable satisfaction. 3. Although the shape is the same, there are two versions, a score version and a Talis alphabet carved version, so it can be used not only for sunrun play, but also as a normal dice or decoration, making it one product. can satisfy various needs.

Novel use: Sanran play is to put the whole ball into your anus or vagina and then let it out by contracting the inside without pulling. Seeing the unrealistic sight of a human being laying an egg not only gives you an indescribable feeling of excitement, but it also gives you an irresistible pleasure when a foreign object suddenly pops out from within. If you can't decide what to do, you can also use it to play according to the score on the surface and the alphabet by putting the egg in and then ejecting it, which will increase the fun even more. *Regarding the play corresponding to the score and the alphabet, or the product, you can freely decide not only what we have proposed, but also according to your own taste.

Premium Material: Made of high quality platinum silicone, it has exquisite flexibility and elasticity, so it is comfortable to use without damaging the inside even if swallowed. Also, unlike gelatin eggs, the eggs do not crack when ejected, and you can feel the pleasant sensation of "poop".

Note: 1. For those who use it for the first time, it is recommended to put the ball in the rubber and insert the ball inside while holding the opening. 2. There is a possibility that it will not be removed, so please be sure to use only one when using it for the first time. 3. Before using, please check if it is applicable to you.
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