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TaRiss's Nipple Suction Pump, Clitoral Pump, Nipple Suction, Clitoral Stimulation, 3 Cylinder, Various Uses, Silicone ABS

TaRiss's Nipple Suction Pump, Clitoral Pump, Nipple Suction, Clitoral Stimulation, 3 Cylinder, Various Uses, Silicone ABS

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Product specifications: Special cylinder: 2.8cmx6.8cm, 3.2cmx6.8cm, 3.8cmx7.7cm. The length of the dedicated hose is approximately 27.2cm, the width of the main pump is approximately 17.9cm, and the height is approximately 20cm. A total of 5-piece set: 3 dedicated cylinders + 1 dedicated hose + 1 main pump. There is no need to go out of your way to buy other special cylinders, and it is a very convenient set as it comes with three cylinders of different sizes.

Special design: Unlike suction vibrators, this product does not have a vibration function, but if you pump it while applying it to the area, the air in that space will escape, allowing you to suction in a vacuum state and experience stronger suction power. Instead, you can adjust the suction level by the number of times you pump it to meet various needs. When using it on your clitoris and nipples, sucking it little by little to collect blood flow will increase the sensitivity and give you an unprecedented pleasure. In addition, it can be used on the penis by both women and men.

Ease of use: The cylinder has a check valve that allows for firm suction and maintains the suction even when the hose is removed from the cylinder, so if you repeat the above operation, you will be able to suction areas such as the clitoris and nipples at the same time. It feels good to be able to experience the transcendental stimulation. In addition, it is not designed to pump from the bottom to the top like similar products, but can suck air by squeezing it inward, making it easy and comfortable for women to use.

High-quality materials: The cylinder and pump are made of high-quality ABS material, so the surface is smooth and won't hurt your skin, and you can use it safely without breaking it easily. The hose is made of silicone and will not crease when bent. Moreover, the entire cylinder is clear, allowing you to clearly observe the state of suction, giving you an unprecedented feeling.

Installation method: 1. Attach the hose to the pump. 2. When attaching the hose to the cylinder, insert it until it clicks. 3. If you want to remove the hose, pull out the hose while pressing the metal fitting on the cylinder.

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