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TaRiss's Balloon Anal Plug

TaRiss's Balloon Anal Plug

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  • Size: S: The maximum diameter is about 40mm, the total length is about 91mm, and the weight is about 183g. M: The maximum diameter is about 52mm, the total length is about 110mm, and the weight is about 337g. L: The maximum diameter is about 62mm, the total length is about 113mm, and the weight is about 484g. There are three sizes, S, M and L, so you can choose and purchase according to your situation. *Be sure to check the size before purchasing.
  • Special design: The tip is inflated like a balloon, and when you insert it, you can fully fill your anus and enjoy a fulfilling feeling like never before. The base is designed with a thin waist, so it does not affect the shrinkage of the hole, so you can wear it for a long time without any problems. Let's take the plunge and enjoy anal expansion~
  • Enough Expansion: The diameter and weight are enough to give you an unimaginable expansion, making it the perfect product for those who are used to the normal size and want to take on more challenges. In addition, it is long enough to not only expand, but also to firmly press the prostate, allowing you to experience a different orgasm than usual.
  • Metal material: Stainless steel material is used, so the surface is smooth and stain resistant, and it can be directly boiled and disinfected for an improved sense of cleanliness. In addition, metal has the property of conducting heat, so if you use it by soaking it in hot water or ice, it will stimulate the anal contraction with a different sense of heat, and you will feel even more pressure, and it will feel so good that your body will bend over.
  • Unisex: The tip has no sharp points and is rounded, so it is gentle on weak areas such as the vagina. With a special design, you can not only stimulate your vagina, but also train your vagina by stimulation.
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