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TaRiss's Dummy 4-Piece Set Anal Peas Anal Balls

TaRiss's Dummy 4-Piece Set Anal Peas Anal Balls

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Product specifications: The maximum diameter is 4 cm, and the total length is about 4.614 cm. It weighs about 40g. 2 gold and 2 black, 4 piece set. *Because it is not egg-shaped, it may not come out well, so please be sure to check the size and shape before purchasing.

Differences: 1. The diameter is not as thick as Talyran (4.4cm), but thicker than Umarel (3.6cm), so it is suitable for those who are used to Umarel and want a more expanded feeling. 2. When you use it in a shape that looks like stacked tires instead of an oval shape, you can feel a different insertion feeling, and at the same time, the unevenness can rub and press the hole, giving you an irresistible thrill. ~ 3. Unlike the oval shape, the surface is uneven, so it may be a little difficult to take out, so it is recommended for intermediate to advanced players. 4. Can be used with a sunrun device.

Innovative use: After inserting the whole egg into the anus or vagina, the balls are expelled by contraction inside, which is called sun run play. If you apply force, the egg will pop out from the inside, and not only can you enjoy the transcendental stimulation, but you can also see the human being sunrunning, and you will feel an indescribable sense of excitement and immorality. , Of course, if you put in one or more and discharge them at once, you will be very satisfied with the experience you have never had before. *Because it may not be possible to remove it, be sure to use only one when using it for the first time.

High-quality material: Made of high-quality platinum silicone, this product is not only soft and comfortable to use, but it does not melt inside and allows you to experience the pleasant sensation of "umu" and use it repeatedly. It has sufficient elasticity and does not deform no matter how much pressure is applied, making it highly durable. Moreover, there is no strange smell, so you can feel safe!

Note: 1. For those who use it for the first time, it is recommended to put the egg in the rubber and insert the ball inside while holding the opening. 2. There is a possibility that it will not be removed, so please be sure to use only one when using it for the first time. 3. Before using, please check if it is applicable to you.
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