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TaRiss's Anal Plug Anal Development Octopus Shape with Concave and Convex Anchor Shape Base Luminous Silicone Light Blue White

TaRiss's Anal Plug Anal Development Octopus Shape with Concave and Convex Anchor Shape Base Luminous Silicone Light Blue White

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Product specifications: S: Maximum diameter is approximately 3.4cm and total length is approximately 8cm. M: Maximum diameter is approximately 4.3cm and total length is approximately 10cm. L: Maximum diameter is approximately 5.1cm and total length is approximately 12cm. There are three sizes, S, M and L, so you can choose the size that suits your situation and is suitable for beginners to advanced users. *Please note that diameter = circumference/3.14.

Differences from the first generation: 1. The insertable part, which is the same as the first generation, has a design that reproduces the entire octopus, but this time we have created even the smallest details such as the intertwined tentacles and the suction cups on the tentacles, so it will be different when used. Not only can you feel the sensation of insertion, but the unevenness of the suction cup is strong enough to rub against the inside, giving you an unimaginable stimulation sensation. 2. Compared to the first generation, the diameter is smaller and the overall length is shorter, so even beginners can use it easily. 3. By using a mixture of light blue and white, it looks less ferocious and more cute, making it suitable not only for gifts but also for various needs. *This product is manufactured by adding color to the raw materials, so the pattern cannot be controlled. Thank you for your understanding. 4. It can be made into an anchor-shaped pedestal and can be used for going out.

Luminous: It is luminous, so when you use it, you can see the sparkling plug going in and out of your anus, giving you an indescribable visual stimulation, and at the same time, it's not too bright, so you can enjoy the product comfortably. Because it cannot emit light unless it absorbs ultraviolet light, the product must be illuminated for at least 10 minutes before use. Also, the longer you light it up, the brighter it will be. *When illuminated with a light, it can emit light repeatedly and is environmentally friendly.

Anchor-shaped pedestal: The anchor-shaped pedestal fits perfectly to the line of your buttocks, making it less uncomfortable to walk or sit with it in, making it ideal for going out. What's more, the surface of the pedestal has an uneven surface that looks like a tentacle wrapped around it, so when you insert it all the way to the base, the unevenness will compress the area around your buttocks, giving you even more pleasure.

High-quality material: Made of high-quality liquid silicone material, it has a chewy texture and is comfortable to use without causing any strange pressure on the inside. In addition, there is no strange odor and will not cause discomfort during use.

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