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TaRiss's Aelian Anal Plug 4 Beads with Warts and Suction Cup Silicone

TaRiss's Aelian Anal Plug 4 Beads with Warts and Suction Cup Silicone

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Size: S: The tip diameter is approximately 5.25cm, the maximum diameter is approximately 6.36cm, and the total length is approximately 23cm. M: The tip diameter is approximately 6.52cm, the maximum diameter is approximately 8.14cm, and the total length is approximately 28cm. L: The tip diameter is approximately 7.64cm, the maximum diameter is approximately 9.55cm, and the total length is approximately 34cm. We carry three sizes, S, M, and L, so you can choose the size that suits you and accommodate many people. The size is suitable for intermediate to advanced users, so please be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Legendary Creatures Series: A product designed with the motif of a cyborg version of the mythical beast Griffon in a futuristic virtual world.The tip is not only shaped like a hawk's head, but also has a screw on the surface of the insertable part. , we added elements that emphasize the cyborg elements, such as mechanical devices. The tip is slightly pointed, making it easier to insert, and at the same time, it provides an indescribable visual stimulation that gives you a great feeling! In addition, the surface has various warts and unevenness, which increases the feeling of friction inward when inserting it, giving you even more pleasure.

Special design: Unlike other products, the insertable part is made of 4 connected beads of different sizes, so when you use it, you will not only feel different insertion sensations, but also avoid pressure or irritation inside. The thrilling pleasure that comes with it is irresistible.The maximum diameter is about 6.36cm to 9.55cm, so it expands to an extent that you can't even imagine, giving you an ultra-radical experience that feels so good that your head goes blank. In addition, the length is appropriate, so you can not only stimulate the prostate and G-spot properly, but you can also use it safely without getting too intruded and becoming painful.

High-quality material: Made of high-quality liquid silicone, it has exquisite elasticity and flexibility compared to older products, and is soft and comfortable to use without damaging the inside.

Strong suction cup: The bottom has an integrated suction cup that can be fixed to a smooth surface, freeing up your hands and making it easier to use. Moreover, the width of the suction cup is appropriate, making it convenient for storage, and at the same time, it can stand on its own without having to secure the product, and can be used in places where suction cups cannot be used, satisfying a variety of needs.

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