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TaRiss`s Ice and Fire Dildo

TaRiss`s Ice and Fire Dildo

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  • Product specifications: The maximum diameter is about 4 cm, the insertable length is about 17 cm, the total length is about 23 cm, and the suction cup diameter is about 7.1 cm. The appropriate size is suitable for beginners to advanced users, and is suitable for many people.
  • Realistic Appearance: Since the warped head, the raised ends and the wrinkles of the ball are realistically reproduced, even beginners can feel the realistic insertion feeling and can use it without resistance, as well as providing sufficient visual stimulation. Also, when you insert it with a texture that mimics the skin instead of a smooth surface, you can increase the friction feeling inside, and it feels good to feel the indescribable pleasure from the inside.
  • Two colors: The first half of the anal plug is red, and the second half is blue. It's not a gradation, but lined up from the middle, so you can enjoy a more stimulating feeling by changing the color as you insert it.
  • High-quality material: Made of high-quality TPE material, it has a good balance of flexibility and moderate hardness, so it won't damage the inside, and you can also experience an exquisite sense of expansion, satisfying all your needs. increase. Moreover, there is no strange smell, so you can feel safe!
  • Suction cup included: Comes with a strong suction cup that can be firmly fixed when pressed on a smooth surface, making it easier to use. Let's free up both hands and enjoy various postures even by yourself.
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