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MinYn 7-piece set cleaning device 5 nozzles 12 holes PVC 500ml

MinYn 7-piece set cleaning device 5 nozzles 12 holes PVC 500ml

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  • [Product contents]: 1 cleaning device + 5 replacement nozzles + 1 dustproof lid, total 7-piece set. The capacity of the washer is 500ml, and the length of the nozzle is approximately 10cm.Five replacement nozzles are provided, so you don't have to buy replacement nozzles frequently, which is very convenient. *For hygiene, please change the nozzle regularly.
  • [12 Holes]: There are a total of 12 holes on both sides of the nozzle, which increases the cleaning area compared to pump-type enema devices, allowing you to clean areas where bacteria are likely to remain. You don't have to worry about getting infected by putting it in your cervix, so you can feel at ease! In addition, when you press it once, you can inject about 10ml of water, which can save you more cleaning time, and at the same time, you can adjust the water pressure by pressing the pressure, satisfying various needs.
  • [500ml Large Capacity]: With a large capacity of 500ml, you can easily use it without having to refill the cleaning solution repeatedly. In addition, the scale on the surface of the bottle is clearly visible, making it easy to dilute and mix the medicinal solution.
  • [Convenient to use]: I don't know where I want to put the nozzle during use, but I don't want to keep it for a long time until it's been cleaned because it might get dirty. Unlike older washers, there is not only a dustproof lid, but also a ring on the right side of the bottle to fix the nozzle, so if you close the lid and then fix the connecting part of the tube and nozzle to the ring, it will be contaminated with bacteria. It is very convenient to use without any hassle.
  • [High-quality material]: The conduit is made of high-quality PVC material, so it does not crease even when bent, and not only can water be poured gently, but it is also long enough to be used comfortably in any posture, making it suitable for elderly people. It also applies to people who are inconvenienced. The surface of the nozzle is smooth with no burrs and is comfortable without damaging the inside.
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