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MAPARON Ares 6 Piece Set Electric Machine Electric Piston Machine with 3 Attachments G Spot Stimulation Anal Development

MAPARON Ares 6 Piece Set Electric Machine Electric Piston Machine with 3 Attachments G Spot Stimulation Anal Development

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  • [Set contents]: 1 main unit + 3 attachments + 1 extension rod + 1 power cable, total 6 pieces set. Body: about 30 cm long and about 15 cm wide. Attachments: 4cmx19cm, 4cmx19cm, 5.3cmx24.5cm. The total weight is about 3kg.
  • [Fully automatic]: When you turn on the power and turn the controller, the main unit will not only move automatically, but when you use it with a powerful motor, you will not feel uneven movement, and you can put it in and out smoothly for a transcendental pleasure. comes up incessantly. The average speed of loading and unloading is about 1 to 10 times per second, but it is not stepless, and the controller allows you to adjust the speed according to your own pace, satisfying various needs.
  • [Many attachments]: Comes with 3 attachments of different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the appropriate attachment according to your needs, and at the same time, you can enjoy the stimulation of different attachments. What's more, there are two attachments that can vibrate inside, so you can feel the stimulation of the vibration while putting it in and taking it out.
  • [Adjustable Angle]: By turning the flower-shaped nut in the middle, the electric machine can be adjusted to 165°, allowing you to adapt to various postures. Also, unlike other similar products, when the nut is removed, the piston part can be removed and stored, and there is a semi-circular handle at the rear end that can be used independently, which is very convenient. Convenient.
  • [With suction cups]: With four suction cups, the machine can be firmly fixed to the ground, so even if you adjust the power to high speed, the main unit will not shake and you will feel a lot of comfort. In addition, the noise is low when operating, so you can use it safely even if you have a roommate without being noticed by others.
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