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MAPARON 45Maxl310s 9-piece set electric piston machine

MAPARON 45Maxl310s 9-piece set electric piston machine

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❀[Product Specifications]: 1 main unit + 2 attachments + 2 extension rods + 1 suction cup attachment + 1 power supply cable + 2 anal plugs, a total of 9 pieces. Body: Length about 31 cm, height about 10 cm, pedestal length about 37 cm, width about 15 cm. Attachments: 4cmx20cm, 3.2cmx18.7cm. 2 anal plugs (beige and pink): 3.5cmx15.5cm. Extension Rod: Length is about 24.7cm and 23.7cm. The outer diameter of the suction cup adapter is about 9.9cm and the inner diameter is about 9.7cm.

❀ [Differences from Old Products]: 1. Unlike old products, the adjustment part has not only been changed to stainless steel material, but also has a double rail specification, so it is the fastest to support the main body as a holder. The body does not shake even at speed, which is nice. 2. The adjustable angle is 45°, and when you pull the main unit upward, you can adjust the angle to accommodate a variety of postures. In addition, the sound is lower when it is operating, so that other people will not notice it, so it can be used safely by people living with their families.

❀【Powerful Motor】: Built-in motor with fast rotation speed, so when operating, the speed is about 42-310 times / minute, and the stretching distance is about 5cm, giving you an unprecedented stimulation. Let By turning the controller, you can adjust the speed, so you can experience the pleasure from different speeds, and it can be used easily by beginners to advanced users.

❀【Extension Rod】: The extension rod comes in two specifications, non-bendable and bendable, making it more convenient to use with less restrictions on where you can use it. What's more, normally you can put it in and out back and forth, but if you bend the extension rod and connect the attachment, you can stir the inside from the left and right, bringing you an unimaginable experience and leading you to a new world.

❀ [With suction cup adapter]: Comes with a suction cup adapter that can be used with the anal plug in the set. Moreover, if the suction cup diameter is an anal plug within 9.7 cm, it can be attached to the suction cup attachment and used, so wear the plug you like. Please note that the weight of the plug may make it difficult to attach. *Please note that if the attachment is too heavy, the joint of the piston machine may break unbearably during operation.
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