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This time, it boasts a super-dreadnought impact that is as good as the previous macaron
Introducing TaRiss's anal plug "Emperor of Darkness".

TaRiss's Dark Emperor Anal Plug

The middle part has a stepped shape like a screw thread, and continues to the bottom with the same thickness.

It is a very splendid glans (*´Д`)
When you hear the name "Emperor", it's like the glans looks like a crown...

The impact of the appearance is not as much as macarons, but it still has a tremendous impact (lol)


"Emperor of Darkness" is available in sizes from M to XXXL.

The smallest M size has a total length of 16 cm and a maximum diameter of 5.5 cm.
If you have anani experience with a general dildo, you can use it like a dildo.

After L size, please choose according to your own expansion experience.
Especially after XL, the total length exceeds 20 cm, so it is not recommended for those who are worried about the extension at the back.

By the way, it comes in two colors, black and blue.
This time we received a blue XL.


After lightly loosening myself with a self-fist, I put this emperor in.
When I put my weight on it, it slipped into my body, and I shouted, "Oh ///" (laughs).

After entering the glans, slowly move back little by little to loosen it.
Repeat the up and down motion to open the back.

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It's soft and has a firm thickness, so it feels like you're being gently massaged from the inside.
I will move my hips infinitely until my anal becomes simmering...///

No, really, this feels good (love)


You can also expand the anus, and you can also expand the back, so killing two birds with one stone is the same as with macaroons.
The emperor has a milder insertion feeling and a shape that makes it easier to piston, so you can enjoy it with just this.
It's an all-rounder that can be used as an undercard for more intense plugs such as macaroons.

I myself have a feeling that the emperor will appear more often in Annanie in the future (^^)

This product is highly recommended for those who enjoy anal expansion, so please consider it!

TaRiss's Dark Emperor Anal Plug: https://amzn.to/3j1aUor

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