[Review] TaRiss's ⚜️ petal shaped inflatable anal plug

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This is a so-called anal balloon kind of product provided by TaRiss's. Actually, it's my first time to use balloon-type goods, so I tried it while wondering what it would be like.

The balloon part is in the shape of a plug, and when the air is completely deflated, the maximum diameter of the insertion part is about 4.5 cm. However, in this state, it is quite fluffy, so I have never inserted such a thick thing! Even if you can insert a diameter of 3 cm, you can easily insert it.

Insert the thin needle-like object attached to the end of the tube into the hole on the plug side. There is an air valve at the base of the pump, and if you squeeze the pump with this closed, the plug will expand. If you want to let air out of the plug, simply unscrew the air valve.

Even if the needle is pulled out, the air will not come out. The upper limit of the diameter is 11 cm , and there is a note on the product page not to inflate it beyond that. Before inserting, check how many times you can squeeze it to 11 cm.

I also took a video of using it, so if you watch this, I think you can get a sense of how it is used.

In the video, it is pulled out from the anus in an inflated state, but I think it is normally taken out after deflating. (I usually use plugs and dildos with a diameter of around 10 cm, so it's just that you can take it out in an inflated state, so if you haven't expanded your anus that far, don't imitate it☆)

The feeling of inflating in the rectum is interesting. Gradually, the pressure will increase, and that alone will make you feel good enough. Since it is not hard, the stimulation is gentle and pain is less likely to occur.

The appeal of this plug is that the pedestal is shaped to fit the buttocks, so you can go out with a casual look while it is inserted. You should be able to take it out. With such a tightly constricted plug, the larger the maximum diameter, the longer it is inserted, the more difficult it will be to remove the anal, even if the rectum is loosened. is.

So, it's perfect for expanding the rectum little by little, and it's recommended for those who want to try a balloon-type plug.

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