[Review] Experience with TaRiss's Mame-shaped anal plug

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I got a little tired of the Einas Stopper and bought a plug that gives me a different stimulation.
This is a TaRiss's anal plug review.

Einas stoppers are on both sides (2 on the right, 4 on the left)
If you put them side by side like this, the TaRiss's plug size looks just right in the middle.

The one I bought this time is M size with an insertion length of 10 cm, a minimum diameter of 2.5 cm, and a maximum diameter of 4.5 cm.

Unlike most plugs, TaRiss's plugs are not conical in shape and are much softer.
If you hold it, it can be easily deformed, and it stretches and bends.

So, the actual diameter when inserted will be smaller.
In terms of expansion, this feature may not be good, but I can appreciate the fact that it is less burdensome.

It looks like I actually inserted it.

The diameter of the constriction is almost the same as the Einas Stopper, but when you insert it, it feels thinner than the Einas Stopper.

The pedestal is long and thin, so you don't have to worry about swallowing the whole pedestal.
This pedestal fits well on the buttocks and the whole is soft, so it won't hurt even if you insert it for a long time.

This characteristic shape is clearly intended to push the prostate, but it is actually quite soft, so it does not feel like it is being pushed strongly.
However, it stimulates the prostate better than Einas Stopper.

When you wear the leggings in the inserted state, it looks like this.
The flat part of the pedestal is slightly bulging, but it's graceful enough that you can't notice it unless it's in a bright place (laughs).

Now for the general review.

If you like this softness, I think there are few drawbacks.

If anything, it's quite soft, so it's harder to insert than a hard plug (laughs).

As I have said many times, this plug is very soft, so I want to extend it only for the purpose of expansion, or I want a sense of solid insertion! For those who say, you should choose a larger size or choose another harder plug.

Of course, let's discuss the size with your anal experience.

It was a satisfying plug for me (^^)
I want XL size too...

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