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From TaRiss's who is familiar with this blog,

Since you provided me with a cute product called "Macaron"
This time we will introduce you! (>ω<)-☆

Size and color development

The color is 3 colors.
This time it's a macaroon, so I chose the most macaron-like pink (laughs)

As you can see, even the smallest S size has an insertion length of 20 cm and a maximum diameter of the insertion part of 8.5 cm .
Contrary to the cute name, it has a pretty brutal size (laughs)
Needless to say, it is for advanced anal extension users, so be careful.

The shape is also quite advanced.
It has a stepped shape just like stacking macaroons.
It's getting thicker from the head at once, so you'll need to get used to inserting it.

I chose M size this time.

Actual item

It arrived in such a nice box.

For large size objects, even if you take a picture by itself, the size cannot be conveyed well.
This time, I held it in my hand and took a picture in front of my body.

Side by side with a general size dildo (insertion length 13 cm x thickness 3.5 cm).
Can you imagine the size somehow with this?

Not only the anal but also the inside must be expanded firmly
You won't be able to swallow this shape (or rather, it's dangerous (laughs))


Super soft silicone is used and is very soft.
It's soft enough to dent a few centimeters if you press it with your finger, so it seems to be less of a burden on your anus and intestines.

The feeling of insertion is completely different from the thin tip and it is fresh (・∀・)
Whereas if the tip is thin, it will go in smoothly
It 's interesting that this macaron comes in with a " bon " from the beginning .
Even after that, the feeling of each macaron coming in with a “bon” feels good and is fun (laughs).

Because it has such a shape, at the same time as feeling a strong presence in the back
The anal is also spread wide, and you can feel that the step stimulates the inside.

It takes a lot of getting used to pistoning
The diameter gradually expands, so I feel that it is surprisingly easy to insert.

However, I have not expanded the depths to that extent until now.
Just a little while ago, the last step didn't work (´・ω・`) <Be diligent

Bonus Talis-kun Axta

An acrylic stand of TaRiss's original character "Taris-kun" was included.
I will decorate it in a place where my roommate won't find out (laughs)


I really like this macaron plug (^○^)
It is decided to become a regular member at the time of expansion (lol)

It is highly recommended for those who have a desire to expand in the back.

For those who have never inserted a dildo with an insertion length of about 20 cm
First, get used to the back with a dildo with a diameter of 4.5 cm and an insertion length of about 20 cm.
A good place to start is with the S size of this macaron plug.

If you are a veteran, please decide the size after consulting with your own experience level (・ω<)

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