[Review] Experience of using the MAPARON electric piston machine

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*This article is a review provided by TaRiss's (Twitter: @tariss_s ).

I think there are various things that an annist admires, but one that can be counted as one is an electric piston machine (right?)

It's called a fucking machine, a love machine, and so on.

This time, TaRiss's kindly gave me the opportunity to try out the electric piston machine (^o^)

MAPARON electric piston machine

MAPARON products are provided by TaRiss's.
" MAPARON " is a sister brand of TaRiss's, and sells electronic goods and SM goods.

The contents will be the machine body, power adapter, and two attachments (dildos) .

Let's take a closer look at the contents.

machine body .

Connect the included power adapter to drive.
Because it is a relatively small housing, the width of the piston is about 5 cm, which is short.

If the installation location is a smooth material such as flooring or tile, you can firmly fix the main unit by knocking down the suction cups on the four corners.


The arm has two joints and can be adjusted to various angles and heights.
You can also point it straight up, as shown in the image.

Power adapter .
The total length is about 2m, with a controller in between to adjust the piston speed.

It is a flesh-colored dildo attachment .
It has an insertable length of about 19 cm and a maximum diameter of about 4 cm. It is made of a fairly soft material, but the core is deep inside, so you can keep it straight even when attached to the main unit.
The molding around the glans is a little rough, but there are no hard burrs that could damage the intestines.

A pink dildo attachment .
The insertable length is also about 19 cm, and the maximum diameter is about 3.5 cm.
It's a hard material, but the tip is thin, so it's suitable for anal beginners.

How to attach the attachment

As for how to attach the attachment, it is a 3-pin connector, so all you have to do is match the direction of the pin and insert it.
You will hear a “click” sound when it is firmly inserted.
To remove it, push the lock switch and pull the attachment.

Below is a video for installation reference.
(no audio recorded)

What is the width and speed of the piston?

It seems that the speed of the piston is gradually increased with the controller.
Looking at the numbers, the piston width of 5 cm seems short, but when I actually looked at the piston, I got the impression that even with a 5 cm width, it moves relatively well.
(no audio recorded)


Unlike holding a dildo and applying it to the anus by yourself, it was a little difficult to insert.
This is not a problem with this machine, but rather because I am unfamiliar with piston machines.
In particular, the skin-colored dildo is thick and soft, so it was difficult to insert (laughs).
Instead of using it suddenly, I used it after loosening the anal to some extent, and the insertion was smooth.

So... usually when I move my hands or lower my back to put things in and take them out, they kind of forgive me (laughs).
On the one hand, you can enjoy a completely different feeling from doing it yourself, and on the other hand, I think your anal and rectum will get tired quickly until you get used to it.

Since I was the extension main, I'm not used to pistons and I'm tired, but if it seems like I'm tired from this, I might not be able to satisfy Tachi-san, who has endurance...?
I think so, I love anal sex! For those who say, it's an ant to train on such a machine (laughs)

By the way, how loud is the drive sound ?
At the lowest speed, it's very quiet, and at the highest speed, it's audible even through a light door .
So it may be difficult in some cases to use it without being found out by your family (laughs)

Also, if you are wondering if you can use the dildo you have, MAPARON also sells an attachment that attaches a dildo with a suction cup, so if you attach it, you can use the usual dildo.



This electric piston machine is the cheapest among those handled by MAPARON.
I think it's a good option for those who want to motorize Ananie or train their anal or rectum.

Aim for tough man! w

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