TaRiss's様のアダルトグッズでおしりデビューしてみた TaRiss`s

I made my butt debut with adult goods from TaRiss's.

Source: https://sugoidosukebee.fanbox.cc/posts/578469 0

We asked Mr. Sukebei Soido, a Vtuber with a heart-throbbing personality, to experience and review TaRiss's products!

TaRiss's blister-shaped anal plug

TaRiss's Cat Anal Plug

Anal plugs, dildos, etc.

Brands that sell adult goods

Thank you to "TaRiss's",

We did a naughty collaboration💖

Products sold by TaRiss's

I actually used it and reviewed it!

I never thought I would use an anal virgin for a project...///

*I hope you can experience the same comfort during Golden Week...♡

Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful video!
He is a very talented Vtuber.
Everyone please watch the review video.

Mr. Sukiebei Aoi ❤️Twitter❤️


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